Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Summer!

Our summer just flew by. Steve was in school and Ella kept me busy with gymnastics and swim lessons. Plus, Jimmy started walking and had his birthday so we are in the "get into everything and never stop moving" stage! But he is so darn cute that I really don't mind. I also was working really hard at getting the remaining baby weight off. Just as I was reaching my goal, we found out we are pregnant! I am now 14 weeks along and due in April. We find out right before Thanksgiving what we are having. I think it has taken me the entire 3 1/2 mo. to realize that my babies are going to be 21 mo. apart but we are really starting to get excited. Ella thinks it is a girl and would like to name her CInderella or Suzie. She comes up with the funniest names.

At the end of the summer Steve had a nice break from school so we packed up the car and took off for 2 1/2 weeks and took quite the trip. Disneyland was fantastic! It was pretty empty. The workers would let us stay on the rides as long as we wanted because there was no one in line.

Here we are waiting for our shuttle at our Hotel to take us to Disneyland

When we first got to the park

When we first arrived Ella kept asking about seeing the Princess' and then they walked right in front of us. Ella went over to them and they took her hand and just started walking and talking with her for the longest time all by herself. Everyone started following us and eventually they stopped and we took some pictures. That made her day!

We all had such a fun time!

After Disneyland it was off to Arizona! We were able to spend some much needed time with Steve's family and meet 3 new additions to the family.

I got to spend some time with my new niece Afton. She was born 3 months early and was only 1 1/2 lbs. She is finally home and so tiny but it was great to hold her.

We also saw so many great friends! We had dinner with our close friends in Goodyear. Ella was born with these girls and is always so excited to see them when we go down there.

Our friends drove up from Tucson to see us which we loved! It was so nice to see them and we are so blessed to have such good friends. So many of them went out of their way to come and see us. It is the hardest thing to live far away from all of them. Steve has known these two guys for 25 years and it is so fun to see them together with their kids.

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Allen and Cameo and Little Leo said...

What a fun summer. Yay for babies. So excited for you guys.